My name is John Lawlis and I have been in the Recreational Land business since 1993. 

I have been a sales agent, acquisition agent, sales manager, Broker, Realtor, and now Broker Owner.  I know how every aspect of this “game” is played, and remember, I am on your team!

My wife Carol and I have eight young kids and every weekend in the summer is spent making memories at our cottage on the lake.  I want your children to have that same opportunity.


I am a Licensed Wisconsin Broker and a Board Member in six MLS areas that cover over 37 counties throughout the state.  Why work through so many different sales agents (who, by the way, work for the seller, not you the buyer) when you can let me do all the work for you?

Click on Contact Us and tell me what you are looking for, what area you would like to be in, and I will start the search for you.  I will not try to sell you “My Listings” or property that I own and need to get rid of. 

I will help you find what you want, not what I have!


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